8 Epic Types of Logo Designs

8 Epic Types of Logo Designs

Logo Designs That Make The Biggest Impact On Your Brand

Here’s the truth: Attention spans are shorter than ever. You have about 2 seconds to lock in eyeballs and communicate your brand. The most effective way to do this is through a professionally designed, epic logo. 

Sure, a logo won’t necessarily make or break your business, but a memorable logo can play a starring role by encapsulating your unique edge, hooking potential customers, fostering brand loyalty, and differentiating you from the crowd. A logo is the face of your company, so developing an impactful logo should not be taken lightly. Here we’ll show you the 8 most popular types of logos to help you make the biggest impact on your brand. 

1. Monograms

A monogram is one of the most popular logos used by some of the biggest brands today. It’s a great way to shorten longer brand names into an acronym or abbreviation. 

      • Use a unique font
      • Impactful colors
      • Make sure it’s easy to read from a distance
      • Determine the thickness – or weight – of the letters

Why it makes an impact:

      • Quickly reinforce the brand name 
      • Are easy to replicate across marketing materials
      • Are scalable
      • Timeless, making it ideal for building brand recognition

What you should consider before using Monograms:

      • If your business is relatively new, a monogram logo may not work on its own. A good workaround is to add the full name of your brand below the lettermark so consumers can associate your business name with the lettermark. 
      • You may need to create or purchase rights to a specific font. 
      • Make sure it’s legible in all formats and sizes. If the logo is going to be used on signage, will people be able to read it? 

2. Logotypes (Wordmark)

Logotypes make use of the whole name of a company while reflecting the identity through colors and font choices. It’s just words, without additional symbols, emblems, or graphics. Wordmarks are versatile and can be used in a wide range of marketing materials. 

Why it makes an impact:

      • Increase brand recognition.
      • Works well for brand names that are short (1-3 words).
      • With the correct combination of typeface and color, your logo will stand out and communicate your brand’s personality.

What you should consider before using logotypes:

      • Not all fonts are going to show up correctly in every browser or device, so use web-safe fonts. These are guaranteed to display correctly on any platform. 
      • Don’t bore your audience! Avoid a design that is so simple that it no longer attracts your audience or builds recognition 

3. Pictorial marks (Brand mark)

A brand mark conveys a unique, meaningful idea without using any words, no matter the country.  Focus on an object or symbol that encapsulates your business at a glance. 

Why it makes an impact:

      • Can be literal or abstract – play around with the design to make it memorable.
      • Can be an easily recognizable brand personality. 
      • Perfect for companies looking to convey the brand without words.
      • Versatile and can be used for multiple marketing materials.

What you should consider before using pictorial marks:

      • Best for companies that are established or specialize in a specific product or service. 
      • Picking the wrong symbol or object to represent your company can lock you into a particular niche.

4. Emblems

If there is only one logo design that promotes history, authority, and prestige, it’s the emblem. This logotype reflects a traditional and “official” feeling. The geometric shape of this logo design is mainly used today by government agencies, sports teams, luxury cars, prestigious schools, and high-end companies. 

Why it makes an impact:

      • Convey a trusted, strong image that can naturally draw customers in
      • Can stay the same as the business evolves 
      • Companies across industries use emblems to portray a unique, memorable, and professional look

What you should consider before using emblems:

      • Since it combines text and graphics, designing an emblem can take some time to ensure it is scalable and readable. 
      • To stay true to the traditional vibe of this design, you may want to stick with neutral or subtle color schemes. 
      • Not as versatile as other designs since they don’t look good when scaled down, and may be difficult to read from a distance. 
      • If you are planning on embroidering emblem-based logos into polo shirts, jackets, or custom caps, you’ll have to simplify it. 

5. Abstract logos

An abstract logo uses a symbol or geometrical pattern that can stand on its own, just like a pictorial mark. What sets this apart from other design types is that it is considered an impressionistic symbol, which means a designer does not have to rely on literal objects to convey the brand’s identity. In fact, it’s a great way to visually represent what your company does and build emotion around your brand. 

Why it makes an impact:

      • There are no rules when it comes to creating a powerful abstract logo
      • Present your brand across cultures without having to worry about language differences 

What you should consider before using abstract logos:

      • A critical review of the color, shapes, and lines is recommended to ensure that the design is aligned with the brand identity. 
      • Extreme geometrical shapes may look unprofessional and may be difficult to incorporate into marketing materials

6. Mascots

When it comes to designing a logo, using a mascot is a surefire way to draw attention and lock in a positive connection with your target audiences. By using an illustrated character as a spokesperson for your brand, it automatically signals that your brand is upbeat, fun, and exciting. This is more commonly used in industries related to food and beverages, entertainment, services, and sports. 

Why it makes an impact:

      • Invite customers (especially families) in and are a great way to establish a friendly vibe
      • The mascot design is versatile and can be used for digital marketing, and even at in-person marketing events where customers can take a selfie with your “celebrity”

What you should consider before using mascot logos:

      • It may not suit companies looking to project a serious, professional look. 
      • The design process may take more time since mascot logos are often detailed 
      • Scalability can be an issue, so consider asking your designer to keep the mascot design simple

7. Combination logos

A combination mark is the most commonly used design type since it’s perfect for any industry. Since it combines monogram, wordmark, abstract designs, and sometimes even a mascot, the unique and highly versatile look can significantly help in growing and maintaining brand recognition. It’s great for new brands as it ensures adaptability, scalability, and can even be updated as the brand evolves. 

Why it makes an impact:

      • Versatile and can be used in various marketing materials 
      • Provides an opportunity for instant brand recognition 
      • Flexible and can easily adapt 

What you should consider before using combination logos:

      • Combination marks may look too busy if it is not designed properly. 
      • Not a good choice f your goal is minimalism or simplicity

8. Letterforms

A letterform is a distinct logo design type that is bold and minimalist. Only one letter is used (usually the initial letter of the brand name) and they work perfectly for both printed and digital marketing materials. When conceptualizing your design, consider incorporating a background for the letter or use the negative space (unused space around the letter) in the design.

Why it makes an impact:

      • A scalable asset that stands out even against busy backgrounds and in any size space
      • Experiment with the font and choose a unique color scheme to make the logo stand out.
      • Easy to identify and offers an innovative look

What you should consider before using letterforms:

      • Review the font choice, line weight, and style to ensure it’s easily readable
      • To avoid brand confusion, pick a color and style that is uniquely yours.

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