How To Crush Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

How To Crush Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

Where To Grab And Professionally Customize Presentation Templates

We’ve all sat through *those* presentations: slides full of solid text, with no engaging visual elements in sight.

Whether you’re building a presentation for your team or pitching to potential investors and business clients, there’s nothing more deflating than seeing them dazed, confused, or zoning out. “Death by Powerpoint” is a real thing.

Set yourself apart by using an engaging, modern PowerPoint design. Hint – that means no more mismatched color schemes, unreadable fonts, irrelevant (or no) graphic elements. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what to do to hook your audience with your presentation, whether you choose to use a template or get a high-quality custom-built presentation from Twlv20’s Agency On-Demand.

Templates vs. Custom Presentation Slides

Whether you need a PowerPoint presentation for a Zoom webinar, board meeting, conference, or training course, the template you choose will impact your overall message. When it comes to choosing one, you should first consider whether you want to use pre-designed templates or a customized design. Your decision will depend on different factors including your industry, budget, timeline, and the desired level of branding.

Pre-designed Template

These are customizable templates that come with a specific design as well as information about the best types of fonts, colors, effects, and background formatting to use per slide. The main advantage of these pre-designed templates is that they are inexpensive (or free) to suit a tight budget, can be used immediately, and you can pop your content right in. And it requires minimal expertise when it comes to inserting your content.

The major downside of pre-designed templates is that you are limited with the amount of customization you can do. In addition, other businesses may be using them too, which means that this may not be a good choice if you’re trying to set yourself apart.

Custom Template

If you want more control over the design and reflect your brand even better, having a professional customize a PowerPoint template is the way to go. The main advantage of creating your own template design is that it will be unique and consistent with your branding.

Of course, the main factor will be the cost involved. You will need to hire a designer, but won’t necessarily have to create multiple templates. One great presentation deck can be used for multiple occasions. You can find professional designers who can create your custom template on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, and others. Or you may have a reference from a colleague or friend. If you choose to go that route, be sure to review their portfolio, reviews, experience, and rating – and of course, availability and turnaround time!. What you don’t want to do is hire someone whose style does not synch with your own. This process can be time-consuming, which may not be something you can afford if you’re against a deadline.

Rather than trying to sift through resumes and freelance sites to find just the right designer, here at Twlv20’s Agency On-Demand, you will directly collaborate with our team of highly-vetted designers. This will save you the time and hassle involved in creating a design that best suits your business and needs. By simply submitting your project request and detailed instructions, you can expect your professionally designed templates to be delivered within just 1-3 business days!

6 Free Sleek And Stylish PowerPoint Templates

In a rush and need something that is good enough? Take a look at these easy-to-use, free PowerPoint templates perfect for the (16:9) widescreen aspect ratio.

1. Perfect for Pitch Decks

Thanks to a combination of visually striking assets in the additional slides, 3D Shapes Styles Consulting Toolkit is one of the best free presentation slides. It comes with fully editable assets such as tables, icons, timelines, and graphs, making it an ideal solution not just for pitch decks. There are 51 slides, which all feature a pleasing contrast of colors and geometrical shapes as a cohesive element.

2. Ideal For Portfolio Presentations

This template called Series Screenwriter Portfolio from Slides Go is available both for Google slides and Microsoft Powerpoint and comes with 26 unique, fully editable slides. It also comes with about 500+ free icons and four additional slides containing instructions on how to use the exact fonts and colors used. What makes this Netflix-inspired design tempting to use is that it makes use of a uniform color and consistent fonts on all slides.

3. Most Suitable For Timeline Presentations

The Gradient Timeline Infographics Template is a delight to look at with its white background and use of modern geometrical and hand-drawn assets, perfect for presenting timelines, processes, and roadmaps. Once downloaded, you can get instant access to 30 editable infographic visuals and icons that are all guaranteed to fit in well with the theme of the template.

4. Best For Creative Content

If you want your audience to focus more on the content, then Custal Project Proposal is the one you should consider due to its versatile neutral palette. Using flexible pale and dark neutral shades in your presentations can provide quick visual relief from dominant colors and make your content stand out better. This is the reason why popular brands such as Apple and Nike are mainly using a mix of black, gray, and white in their presentations.

5. Excellent Choice For Corporate Presentation

The uncluttered, sleek look brought about by the uniform color scheme and patterns present in the template Japanese Style Consulting Toolkit from Slides Go shows a fresh and interesting use of lines, shapes, various layouts, and touches of color. You can choose which theme you’d like to apply to the 50 customizable slides. It also comes equipped with other slides containing instructions and additional free assets that can be mixed into the slides.

6. Best Choice For Simple Presentations

Canva is a great online tool that makes use of pre-built layouts and drag-and-drop features, ideal for users looking for quick and super simple output. A free subscription to their website automatically gives you access to free templates, graphics, icons, sound effects, video backgrounds, and a decent selection of fonts. If you have a specific color, logo, and theme you want to be reflected on your output, you can upgrade your account and create your branding guide which can be used for all the available templates.

How To Get Custom Presentation Templates With Agency On-Demand

When it comes to the marketing assets of your business, you should always work with professionals who understand your goals and your branding voice. If you are looking for an affordable agency that can help create custom presentation templates in a jiffy, then Twlv20’s Agency On-Demand is your solution. For an affordable flat rate, you will have your own project manager and access to our pool of specialized graphic designers ready to get to work for you.

Requesting your custom template is simple:

  1. Choose the monthly plan that’s best for your needs.
  2. Open your client portal and submit a project request by completely filling out the project brief. Your project manager will pair you with the best graphic designer based on your project. Once your graphic designer gets to work, you can collaborate with them through the message center.
  3. Once the project is delivered, review the output and accept it as it is or request any revisions.

There are three main subscription plans. You can pause, upgrade, or downgrade anytime, depending on your needs:

  • Gold is perfect if you need 1-2 projects a week and have basic design needs
  • Platinum gives you two projects at once and is perfect for advanced graphic design skills
  • Accelerator is your choice if you need at least four projects at once requiring advanced graphic design and writing skills.

Nail Your Presentation Today!

Designing a presentation does not have to be challenging or expensive at all. With the right blend of tools, guidance, and help from industry experts, you can ace that presentation and close the deal in no time. The only question is… are you ready to take your business to new heights?

With Twlv20’s Agency On-Demand, we can help you look like a rock star through high-quality, impactful visuals. If you are ready for long-term collaboration and to have access to our exclusive community of highly-trained graphic designers, then schedule a free demo call today!

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