Top 6 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out

See yourself walking down a busy street, minding your own business, when you spot a familiar logo. You feel the sudden urge to break into a happy dance, heck, even into a song as your taste buds tingle with anticipation, and you start craving for a product you didn’t even know you wanted.

That, my friends, is the power of branding.

It’s like the magic ingredient that turns your marketing efforts into a deliciously irresistible slice of success. So sit back and take notes. This list might be your ticket to the next superbrand.

1) What’s In A Name?

Branding starts with a memorable name that rolls off the tongue. Let’s face it, nobody wants to buy a product with a name that sounds like a complicated chemistry formula. Remember, simplicity is key! The right name can make or break a brand, so choose wisely. Just think about how successful “Google” sounds compared to “AskJeeves.” One is a tech giant, and the other sounds like a butler service for ghosts. 

One great example is Häagen-Dazs, an American ice cream brand, established by Reuben and Rose Mattus in The Bronx, New York, in 1960. It’s a good Danish-sounding name that means… absolutely nothing. According to Mattus, “Häagen-Dazs doesn’t mean anything, but it would attract attention, especially with the umlaut.” If you’re not in the know, that’s the two little dots over the ‘a.’ As they say, the rest is history. The plot paid off and now Häagen-Dazs is one of the most successful ice cream brands in the world.

2) The Visual Identity Feast

A strong brand needs a strong visual identity that’s more attention-grabbing than a viral cat video. Imagine seeing a swoosh logo on a pair of sneakers and instantly recognizing it’s Nike. Or spotting golden arches, knowing you’re in for a decent burger. These visual cues are like Jedi mind tricks for consumers. They create an emotional connection and build trust faster. That’s called building equity and affinity for a brand. Some of the most prominent and well-recognized logos include Amazon, where the arrow starts with the letter A and ends with the letter Z, subtly saying their inventory is diverse, ergo from A to Z. Baskin and Robbins likewise has an equally brilliant logo. If you look closely, there’s a hidden number there. “31”, formed from the letter B and the long of the letter R; because they have 31 flavors to choose from. Quite clever right?

So, invest in a logo that’s eye-catching, memorable, and conveys the story of your brand.

3) The Personality Cocktail

Branding isn’t just about looking pretty; it’s about having a brand personality that shines. Your brand needs to have a distinct voice; a tone that resonates with your target audience, or a sense of humor that can make even the grumpiest of discerning customers crack a smile. Credibility is crucial as well. A brand has to have an authoritative personality so that customers have a reason to believe in the brand.

FedEx is reliable.
Volvo is safe.
Apple is creative.

You get the drift. People don’t want to buy from a faceless company. They want to connect with a brand that feels familiar and friendly.

4) Stand Out from the Crowd

n a world full of advertising noise and clutter, it’s crucial to stand out. A strong brand sets you apart from your competition. It’s all about finding your unique selling proposition. It’s that one thing that makes you different. Take for example Volkswagen. When it was conceived in 1937, it was thought of as a “people’s car”. Back then, the automotive industry was dominated by Ford, Mercedes, and Volvo. And when Volkswagen came out with a small car that boasted economy, resilience, and affordability, the giants took notice. Volkswagen turned its weaknesses into strengths. That was what made it different. Just like what their advertising campaign said, “It’s ugly. But it gets you there.”

5) Trust Is Everything

Trust is the bedrock of the relationship with your favorite brand. Customers need to trust that your brand delivers on its promises. Consistency is the key to building trust. Make sure your brand’s message always aligns with your advocacies, brand essence, and brand personality. This creates empathy. Which eventually will develop into the brand’s integrity. Superbrands like Coca-cola exude a sense of family. While Pepsi resonates among the Gen X and Gen Z. The level of consumer trust placed in these brands is carefully protected. Because when this trust is broken, the brand breaks down. Remember, it only takes a small mistake to destroy a brand’s equity that was painstakingly built. 

6) The Brand Experience

Ever been to a theme park that was so mind-blowingly amazing that you kept talking about it for weeks? That’s the kind of experience you want for your brand. From the moment a customer sees the ad to that first encounter, slowly approaching  the point of purchase and beyond, every step should be a journey filled with discovery, surprises, and benefits. Go the extra mile to make your brand experience distinctly memorable, and your customers will keep coming back for more. Nothing says brand loyalty than a brand experience enjoyed by millions.

To summarize, branding is the one most important ingredient that takes your marketing efforts from ordinary to extraordinary, from bland to outstanding. It’s the colorful tapestry that weaves through every aspect of your business, making it stand out, building trust, and creating memorable experiences. Your brand needs to be presented with the utmost credibility and respect. So, next time you’re munching on a bag of chips, or you’re behind the wheel of your favorite ride, remember that it’s not just the crispy goodness that keeps you hooked or the smooth way the rubber meets the road—it’s the brand behind it. 

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