The field of digital marketing is changing rapidly. In order to keep your brand ahead of the curve, it is essential that you invest in high-quality, relevant, and consistent marketing content materials to improve engagement and drive traffic. Contrary to common belief, you do not have to hire an in-house team or manage a fleet of freelancers. In fact, you can seamlessly transact with Twlv20.

Twlv20 is your fully-managed remote team, for a fraction of the cost. It follows a simple model wherein you will pay a flat monthly fee and unlock unlimited writing and graphic design help from vetted experts. It is an ideal solution not just for corporate giants but also for success-driven people such as: 

      • Solo entrepreneurs
      • Digital teams
      • Small business owners
      • Marketing teams

No matter what subscription plan you use, you can be guaranteed to have the best level of support tailored to fit the sector or business you are in. If you deem that we are not a good fit at the time, we offer a hassle-free model wherein you can cancel your subscription anytime or get a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

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